The story of Lily’s connection to nature and food starts in her grandparents’ holiday house in the south of France: A secluded house in the foothills of the Pyrenees, surrounded my nothing but the wild. Her earliest memories are of her adventures amongst the trees, of her gardening with her grandmother, and the many meals enjoyed with her whole family. Food has always played a central role there: breakfast lasting until lunch time, lunch merging into tea during a game of cards, followed by drinks & snacks before dinner. Any excuse to gather the family in another field, by (or in!) the river, in the garden, terrace, around a fire or somewhere up in the mountains. Respect and appreciation for the surroundings was and is part of life there. From camping under the stars, collecting fire wood, to landscape painting and washing in the river, to foraging wild herbs and berries to cook or brew a fresh tea with. Her love for nature and fascination for food grew from this foundation.


Continuous learning on the field (see ‘Experience’)

Herbology course

Self-study Chef & Restaurateur

University: Sociology and a degree in Communicational Management (specialising in event, branding & creative writing), Ghent

Secondary school: Latin and Human Sciences, Antwerp

Spanish guitar, art class, ballet, modern dance, salsa, horse riding


Concept, menu and recipe development, Head chef and manager at Bar d’Henri

Recipe and concept development for Gaianomaya, New York

Catering for 150 guests with seasonal & local produce for wedding in Versaille

Cooking tutorial videos for Colruyt

Hosting Relish workshops and experience dinners

Foodstyling collaborations

Head chef and menu development at Dinner on a Lake for Relish pop-up

Sous-chef at Boca Valdivia, Ecuador

Chef for private dinner events (including Boris Vervoordt and Kanye West)

Ambassador for BioPlanet, GingerLove and Albert Heijn

Private chef for clients with specific health and nutritional requirements

Sous-chef at Vervoordt foundation

Sous-chef for Migino dinners

Sous-chef and recipe advice for customers at pop-up store & tasting bar Chopchop 

Cooking workshops & presentations for Albert Heijn supermarket

Sous-chef at Ayurvedic Centre in Kerela, India

Brand ambassador and recipe development for Iswari Superfoods

Product development for Iswari ’s superfood breakfast mixes for children

Sous-chef opening event for Frank & Brut

Collaboration with celebrity chef Dominique Persoone, cooking a vegan meal for show ‘De Rollende Keuken’

Cocktails, Bartending & Brand activation agent for Boris agency ( representing brand like Mumm, Martini, Jameson, Havana Club, Pernot Ricard and Bombay etc.)

On-set catering for production companies

Vegan desserts for Superfood bar Divers

Recipes development for coffee & lunch bar Maurice Coffee & Knits 

Street food cooking in Costa Rica


15 years of international modelling and acting for commercials

Illustration & design on commission  (for invitations, postcards, branding & logos, websites, books and tattoos)

Branding for Plantbased Foodbar Lento

Volunteer work at Casita Verde, Ibiza

Production assistent for TedX Flanders

Production assistant Static Films 

Strategisch communicatiemanager & branding for eco foodchain coop Avani   

Communication, PR, event and social media management  for Nightingale, Experimental Concept Agency

PR for Lotto Arena events: Top Gear & Disney On Ice

Marketing en PR-assistent voor Yelp community manager Antwerp

Volunteer work AFS Costa Rica, teaching music to underprivileged children at Sinem Liberia Orchestra