Relish Philosophy

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Nurture your nature


"Relish” has a double meaning. "To relish” is about cherishing a moment. “A relish” is a side dish or sauce that adds flavour to your meal.  

Through food, I aim to bring people closer to nature. In other words, to explore food mindfully as the medium to create a connection between ourselves, our environment & those around us. 

The power & benefits of the food that we eat, fascinates me: where it is grown, it heals, how it brings people together and closer to understanding and appreciating our surroundings.

I am constantly exploring its magic.

Connection with Nature

Through food we can reconnect to Nature. Celebrating what it has to offer. nurturing it so that we can flourish. Understanding where our food comes from and our connection to our food source can make an extraordinary difference to our way of life.

I am convinced that by reconnecting to Nature we can automatically steer ourselves towards a more ecological and sustainable life.

Connection with our Body

On a more personal level , what I eat has become a central theme in my life, while dealing with physical health issues. My diet could have become a burden, as my condition caused me to react extremely sensitively to various ingredients.

Instead of focusing on what I couldn’t eat I started to celebrate the possibilities of what i could do with the food I could eat. I decided to focus on my diet as my cure rather than my obstacle.

I decided to focus on my diet as my cure rather than my obstacle.

The more I researched the more I discovered the incredible influence the choice of what you consume has on your body, physically as well as mentally.

I fell in love even more with food & cooking, as I realised it could heal and help not only myself, but others too.

During this process of discovery, including obtaining a diploma for Herbalism, I have also learned that our body needs holistic care too, in order to be happy. Combining the right balance of physical movement with emotional thoughtfulness.

It’s only about what we eat, but how we eat: Mindful eating has become a main theme within my work as well as my personal life.

I am grateful for my struggles, as it has led me on this beautiful path of awareness and natural empowerment.

Connection with Others 

It doesn’t take much imagination to think about the beauty of sharing a meal with others. Whether it’s family, friends or even complete strangers. Food is a language that every culture speaks , it’s the heart of a household, the glue to tradition, the veins of a community.

Cooking a meal is a way of showing love, breaking the ice, understanding one another’s background. A certain meal has the power to reconnect us to our childhood and roots. Weather it’s a simple soup or a five course meal, food brings people together.

My goal

If we embrace our individual strengths and passions, we can move forward as a whole. 

My way of making a contribution is through the combination of my passion for cooking & my passion for nature. It is my way of connecting to others and connecting to my environment. Bringing people closer to nature (in the broadest sense) through food.

I’d like to believe that by sharing, teaching, and demonstrating my passion, I can spread the message of the health benefits, the joy, as well as the source of the food that I cook. 

I hope to inspire with positivity, to adapt & grow with every new experience, and every new place that I visit.

Life can be beautiful if we allow ourselves to see how much we determine our own happiness and how that can impact our environment.

Plant based focus

As my passion for nature’s strengths grows, I am steered towards mainly plant based cooking. Not because I’m against meat consumption, but because I only want to use ingredients that feel (and do) right.

I work with local and seasonal produce as much as possible too. Not only because I strongly believe our bodies need what the seasons offers, but because on larger scale, it has a huge impact on sustainability. Supermarket eggs, dairy, fish and mainly meat (even processed plant based products) don’t feel right to me, physically, ecologically nor ethically. We have become accustomed to daily consumption, believing it to be essential to our diet and indispensable to a meal. If we limit our meat & dairy consumption to appreciated occasional moments (if that), eating only of ethical source, we can try to rebalance and help our planet to sustain our growing population.

After getting into Herbalism, the healing power of herbs (and their flavours) have become a big theme for me- reconnecting with the ancient practice of using what nature has to offer, respecting it and empowering us with the possibility to treat ourselves naturally.

It’s about celebrating natural flavour and health and enjoying the feeling of feeding our bodies and planet with the right things.